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Located on Mount Orfano, a geographical anomaly in Franciacorta

The Faccoli family have been producing wine from their 10 ha of vines in the south-western corner of Franciacorta for generations. Farming Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Noir, with around 50% of the vines on terraces surrounded by dense woodland, their terroir is unique in Franciacorta, as they are in the foothills of Mount Orfano, a small mountain that is something of a geological anomaly, as it is the only area that comes from marine origin. The northern side of the mountain is influenced by cold and humid winds from the Iseo lake, whilst the southern side, where Coccaglio is, has a Mediterranean climate. The marine origin of the soils lends racy acidity to the wine, and even after prolonged aging, they retain a fresh, lemony profile. 

Faccoli's Franciacortas have a particular style. In 1986, they stacked some bottles in baskets with the intention to leave them for a decade on lees. Re-visiting them 10 years on was a confirmation of the style that they wanted to pursue, with long ageing on the lees and very low dosage if at all. Their NV extra Brut sees a minimum of 20 months in bottle and zero dosage and very low added SO2.

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