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Little Beauty

    'If you’ve not had a Little Beauty before, I’d suggest you start looking now.'  Sophie Skarbek-Borowska, The Holborn



Eveline Fraser's credentials are as smart as they come. She made wine for Cloudy Bay from 2001 to 2009 - back when it was still interesting and not an insipid megabrand. Eveline worked there with Kevin Judd (now Greywacke) and James Healy (now Dog Point). Little Beauty is her little baby along with owners, husband and wife team Fleur and Hemi. Just talking to the Little Beauty team you can’t fail to be bowled over by their pure passion for New Zealand’s viticulture and their all consuming attention to detail is awe inspiring. They boast a range of limited edition wines of an utterly sensational stripe - a stunning Sauvignon Blanc that will remind you why New Zealand is so popular and possibly-definitely the best-value pinot noir in New Zealand right now. This producer is set to fast become a name on everyone’s lips. 

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