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Savage Wines

Duncan Savage is one of our oldest and dearest winemaking friends. It was this surfer-turned winemaking maestro who established the stellar, Platter’s Wine Guide-wowing reputation of Cape Point Vineyards. That was until 2016, when he boldly struck out alone to make the wines he always wanted to. They may be Savage by name but these wines are anything but savage in character. Poise, purity and elegance are the bywords here.

Duncan is sourcing the fruit from cooler sites on the Western Cape that allow the vines to be expressive without having overbearing alcohol. Some of these sites can be rather surprising. His Syrah parcel was only planted on a local residential estate for decorative purposes - a bit of flora between the houses. He somehow managed to make it the cornerstone of the Savage Red blend, which boasts the nerve and tension of great Northern Rhône.


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