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Terrevive - Bergianti

A biodynamic star of Lambrusco 

Gianluca Bergianti is a star of Lambrusco. A trailblazer of mixed farming systems, regenerative farming and a damn fine winemaker to boot, his Lambrusco is the only one on the list at Massimo Bottura's 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Modena.

His first harvest was just 10 years ago, after intensely researching the two indigenous grapes Sorbara and Salamino, and searching for ancient clones. He spent time studying biodynamics with leaders of the scene in Italy: Stefano Bellotti at Carlo Noro and Michele Lorenzetti, and has worked biodynamically since day one. 

For Gianluca and his wife Simona, traditional farming and focusing on an agroecological system that works to respect and protect biodiversity, the land and those who tend it is the only way. Ardent supporters of mixed farming systems, as well as their vines, they produce biodynamically grown heritage grains and hyper-seasonal vegetables and fruit which they sell in their farm shop and in the local market. As a biodynamic farmer, animals play an integral role too, both in improving the soil and in improving their yields. Since 2017, they have been members of the Italian Association of WWOOF, a movement that links visitors with organic farmers, and since 2013, a member of Project Virgo, which focusses on promoting organic cereal cultivation of ancient types of wheat.

In the cellar, winemaking is very hands off, without any additions or filtrations. The wines are thrilling to drink; nervy, tingly, incisive and exciting.

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