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Vignoble de Reveur

‘The Dreamer is only half-asleep, the dream is only just beginning; there are so many things still to try, to rediscover.’ – Mathieu, Winemaker

Vignoble du Reveur (‘Dreamer’s Vineyard’) is the natural wine label of Mathieu Deiss (scion of the celebrated Marcel Deiss Alsatian estate) and his partner, Emmanuelle Milan (daughter of star Provencal natural winemaker Henri Milan). Working biodynamically and based in the postcard-pretty village of Bennwihr, Mathieu and Emmanuelle do everything by hand with the greatest respect for their terroir. Though working naturally (in the case of one Riesling bottling, with no sulphur addition at all) their wines are perfectly clean, precise and pure. As well as outstanding varietal Rieslings and a jazzy blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, there are two hugely impressive, aromatic skin contact whites which mark out Vignoble du Reveur as an exciting new name on the Alsatian wine scene.

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