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Villa Papiano

The vineyard above the clouds....extraordinary terroir, wedged high up between Romagna and Tuscany

Modigliana is a place that not many may know outside Italy, and yet we firmly believe this is some of the most incredible terroir yet to be discovered by those in the know. Defined by its high elevation and steep slopes, high radiation, ancient soils of marl and sandstone, and unique microclimates created by the dense forest surrounding the three valleys here, this is truly a wild and magical oasis with a rich history of agriculture and winemaking.

Villa Papiano are located just on the border between Romagna and Tuscany, on the southern side of Mount Chioda in the Ibola Valley, the valley characterised by the densest forest of all three, which safeguards against outer elements like pollution, as well as ensuring a wonderful home to rich biodiversity. Their 8 ha of vines are the highest in the area, planted on terraces between 450-570 metres above sea level. Today, the estate is run by four siblings of the Bordini family, headed up winemaker farmer Francesco.

Farming in a way that respects their unspoilt surroundings, nature, the history and culture is at the heart of what they do at Villa Papiano. They focus on indigenous varieties and low yielding old clones, with Sangiovese as their most important grape, followed by Albana, and the ancient native varieties Centesimino, Negretto, and Balsamina. The vines are trained using the traditional alberello system, and espalier method to capitalise on the heat from the ground. All vines are dry-farmed without irrigation, and as well as being certified organic, they use some biodynamic preparations, and use far less copper each year than the biodynamic norm, and 1/3 less than the organic limit. 

In the cellar, all wines are vinified solely with indigenous yeasts, and no further additions other than minimal SO2 - almost always below 40mg/l. All wines are vegan friendly, and are aged in a mix of concrete, terracotta and oak. These are gorgeous wines, that speak of this exceptional and unique terroir and Modigliana environment.


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