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Weingut Claus Schneider

When we first came across Claus Schneider’s incredible Spätburgunders (Pinot Noirs), it’s not overstating it to say that we couldn’t quite believe what we were tasting.

Inspired by Burgundy, but definitely wines unto themselves - the quality was spectacular. As Claus’s son Johannes (who trained at Gevrey domaine Rossignol-Trapet) has gradually been taking the reins, the wines have only got better. Oak management is the most telling thing here: the wood is never allowed to overshadow the fruit. The geological marvel that is the ‘Weiler Schlipf’ – a seam of limestone rising up out of the Baden landscape – provides the vines and fruit with taut minerality to accompany bright cherry-dominated fruit. At every quality level, these are exceptional quality and value, especially when (inevitably) compared with their Burgundian counterparts.

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